‘EVA’, our Enhanced Video Annotation service, gives all MediaView users a set of annotation tools that make it easy to turn any video into an interactive video.

EVA offers 17 different types of interactions which pop up while the audience watches the video. Interactive videos are perfect when you have a video clip that you want to enrich with interactive elements, add information and gain immediate responses. Use EVA to create surveys or for training.

Basic Tools – 5 no-response tools are available. Add in-depth information with Labels, Text boxes, Tables, Links and Images that the viewer can see on the screen during video playback.

Pro Tools – 12 response enabled tools are available. Create fully interactive quizzes and puzzles for viewers to answer at any selected time in the video. Choose from Statements, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in the Blanks, Drag and Drop Words, Mark the Words, Drag Text, Crossroads, Navigation Hotspots, Text Input Fields and Name Input, which enables creators to receive interaction data from named or unidentified individuals.

The Reporting tools make responses available to the creator of the EVA along with data and analytics for further analysis and assessment.

Give as many viewers as you want access to any EVA through a simple link sent by email or an embed code.


Go to the HOW TOs page for complete instructions on using all the tools.

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Ecast wishes to acknowledge the Open Source code made available worldwide by the H5P community https://h5p.org/about-the-project